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November 28, 2017 | By Vanessa Pollock

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Top 10 tips for winterizing your home!

It's official. Winter is here. The VP Team brings you our Top 10 Tips for getting your house ready for winter before the frost sets in.

Don't have the time to tackle these on your own? We're here to help! Visit our site or download our app for our recommended directory of local contractors. 

1- Clean your gutters

2- Change the direction of your ceiling fans

3- Caulk your drafty windows and doors

4- Shrink wrap your windows to save even more money on the heating bill

5- Change the furnace filter 

6- Better yet, get a full furnace maintenance from a pro

7- Start up your snowblower to make sure it works and keep your shovels & salt handy

8- Winterize your exterior faucets

9- Program your thermostat according to your family's schedule

10- And our personal favorite- keep the heat low and throw on your cozy sweaters and snuggle up instead!

Dreaming of your own home to winterize? Browse the currently available houses in Maplewood & South Orange and schedule a tour with our team today!